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RehabMyFICO offers education on how to repair your personal credit information and increase your FICO score quickly & safely!


Did you know your FICO score plays a critical role in your financial health! From interest rates and credit cards to your abililty to qualify for a mortgage or auto loan, you FICO score plays a large part in the bank's decision making process.

chk 90% of the largest banks use your FICO score when approving credit decisions.
chk Your FICO score is a key factor used to determine the mortgage rate, auto loan rate or credit card terms you are offered.
chk Many employers now use your FICO score in order to determine whether or not you are the right applicant to be hired.

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  Step by Step DIY credit repair guide.
3. Quick FICO Credit Score Increase - Don't have a lot of time to bring up your score? Use
  these quick tips increase your Fico score within 30 days.
4. Dispute Negative Items - Did you know you can dispute negative items on your credit
  report directly with the Original Creditors!
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